History of the OPVI

In the early 1960s the situation as regards professional representation for winegrowers was fairly chaotic. The Centrale Viticole, which had served as a professional organization until then but had failed to gain political recognition, ceased its activities when the CNA (Conseil National de l’Agriculture) was created. The CNA was prevented from working effectively by various factions and the scheduled re-elections never took place. Acting on the initiative of the Centrale Paysanne, the cooperatives, which had until then joined forces within the Groupement des Caves, started thinking about establishing a new organization to affiliate all cooperative wineries. Independent winegrowers felt abandoned, taking the view that their professional interests were not represented. Consequently, they decided to form their own professional organization. On 03 June 1966 the relevant documentation was signed at the office of the notary Weirich by the following 28 founding members:

Altwies Georges, notary, Redange
Bentz, Fernand, winegrower, Bech-Kleinmacher
Cigrang, Raymond, winegrower, Bous
Duhr, Joseph, winegrower, Ahn
Gloden, Camille, winegrower, Schengen
Godart, Alfred, winegrower, Niederdonven
Hansen, Robert, winegrower, Grevenmacher
Hein, Camille, winegrower, Ehnen
Hoffeld, Joseph, winegrower, Machtum
Kieffer, Robert, winegrower, Machtum
Kohll, Léon, winegrower, Wormeldingen
Kohll, Maurice, winegrower, Ehnen
Kox, Franz, winegrower, Remich
Lamborelle, Marcel, winegrower, Gostingen
Linden, Pierre, winegrower, Ehnen
Pundel, André, winegrower, Gostingen
Pundel, Jean-Pierre, winegrower, Wormeldange
Ries, Pierre, winegrower, Niederdonven
Ruppert, Henri, winegrower, Schengen
Sibenaler, René, winegrower, Lenningen
Schumacher, Gaston, winegrower, Wintrange
Schumacher, Pierre, winegrower, Wormeldange
Schummer, Jean, winegrower, Canach
Steinmetz, Jean-Pierre, winegrower, Ahn
Stronck, Joseph, winegrower, Greiveldange
Vesque, Pierre, winegrower, Stadtbredimus
Weier, Norbert, winegrower, Machtum
Würth, Ernest, district commissioner, Luxembourg

The official foundation meeting was held on Sunday, 30 July 1966, in the presence of Minister Dr. Camille Colling.

First committee:
Schumacher, Pierre, Wormeldange
Linden, Pierre, Ehnen
Steinmetz Jean-Pierre, Ahn
Hansen, Robert, Grevenmacher
Gloden, Camille, Schengen
Vesque, Pierre, Stadtbredimus
Schumacher, Gaston, Wintrange
Schumacher, Pierre, Wormeldange
Gloden, Camille, Schengen

360 independent winegrowers spontaneously joined the newly-founded organization, which was named Organisation Professionelle des Viticulteurs Indépendants.

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