to the website of the Independent Winegrowers of Luxembourg.

Winegrowing is a multifaceted profession. The winegrower’s work begins in the vineyard where the foundations are laid for a good wine. It continues in the cellar, where the winegrower’s skills are required to produce the wines and crémants. And still, the work of an independent winegrower is far from over. Marketing is essential to ensure that such a good wine also finds its way to the customer. Demanding, but thanks to its diversity, an extremely interesting profession!
Since 1966 our organisation has been campaigning on behalf of the Independent Winegrowers of Luxembourg. Its objectives are to take a stand on social and economic issues and to promote the quality of our wines. Our winegrowing region covers approximately 1,300 hectares, 40% of which is cultivated by our members. They are composed of 28 grape sellers and 50 self-marketing wineries.
First-class vineyard sites, classic vine varieties and the ongoing endeavours to improve quality are what make our wineries stand out. And this has been the case to some extent for years now, as demonstrated by the wines produced by Domaine et Tradition and the Charter group of independent winegrowers. The principles adopted for the production of Charter wines were applied for the first time in 2007. These wines are produced according to strict rules in order to give even greater priority to the quality of the wine.

Come and see for yourself. We look forward to welcoming you to our wineries.

Ern Schumacher
President of OPVI